Learn How to Make Healthy Soups Without a Recipe For Hassle-Free Weeknights

Gain Freedom From Store Bought and Takeout Soup

Being dependent on recipes when you want to make a pot of soup means extra trips to the grocery store for ingredients you’ll never use again, stressful cooking, and wasted time.

Store bought and packaged soups are filled with additives, preservatives, and other ingredients you can’t pronounce. The ones that aren’t can be pricey.

But, wouldn’t it be great if you could make homemade soups on a weeknight with a bunch of ingredients you probably already have?

A homemade soup that is packed with nutrition benefits, flavor, and pride since you cooked it yourself. A hot bowl that is the perfect remedy after a stressful day of work and life. And all you’ll have to clean up is the one pot you used to make it in.

Better yet, just store any leftovers in your pot for easy reheating.

Soups are one of the most widely cooked and served dishes for good reason. And they are important for a busy person like you to master.

Delicious and creamy soups like this:

Simple butternut squash soup

Master Soups By Learning How to:

Cook soup on a weeknight stress-free and have leftovers for the next day or more

Make creamy and non-creamy soups without a recipe and without hassle

Use ingredients that you have on-hand, so you don’t have to go grocery shopping to make soup

Create healthy and flavorful soups that everyone will enjoy – even picky eaters

Get your daily servings of vegetables in a delicious and exciting way

Use basic cooking methods to build layers of flavor, so you’ll never eat a bland soup again

white bean and vegetable soup

A Repeatable Framework So You Can Make Weeknights, Soup Nights

I used to never eat soup.

“Soup and salad? How about sandwich and salad”. That was me at every deli or lunch spot.

I always thought soups tasted bland and boring. A bowl of soup was just a bunch of the same spoonfuls that didn’t provide me much satisfaction.

But, I realized that soups can be a great way to eat more vegetables, warm up on a cold day, and prepare meals in advance.

There seems like a million types of soups and methods to make them out there. But, learning to master homemade soups doesn’t need to be so complicated.

With the Simple Soups Framework, you’ll be able to quickly make a pot of delicious without hassle using an easy methodology to follow:

Saute your ingredients in a pot

Season your ingredients with salt and other spices if using

Simmer the contents of your soup

Serve by blending creamy soups and distributing to bowls

What’s Included For $49

The Simple Soups Framework is an online course that will teach you to master soups. With the course, you’ll gain lifetime access to the lessons that will show you how to make healthy soups without a recipe with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen

Video and text instruction for each step in the framework: saute, season, simmer, serve

Video instructions with recipes for creamy and non-creamy soup examples

Make your own soup worksheet

Downloadable cookbook of the soup recipes in the course

How to season with salt exercise

The benefits of homemade soup

Details on the types of soup

The tools you need to make amazing soup with product recommendations

Flavor combinations cheat sheet (BONUS)

Best blenders for every budget (BONUS)

Easy weeknight dinner cookbook (BONUS)

hearty lentil coconut

Go From I “Can’t” Cook, to I “Can” Cook

The course is filled with videos, guides, worksheets and exercises that will transform you into a soup pro. The course will lead you through the following learning progression:

1. Build Soup Knowledge

Why soup is great, the types of soup, and the tools you need to make amazing soup

2. Understand the Framework

Videos and guides on each step of the framework, so you can master the fundamentals before you even start cooking

3. Master Soup Using Recipes

Easy example soup recipes and videos that show the process in action. The best part? You get to eat what you make!

4. Learn to Make Your Own Soup

Tips and worksheets for how to create your own soup recipe, so you never have to make a last minute grocery store run

Hi! I’m Nick. The Guy Who Makes Complicated Things Simple

And I believe that everyone deserves to feel great every day.

Because feeling great is awesome for obvious reasons.

But, also because it helps you be a better, higher performing, and happier you.

My background is as an Engineer, among other professions. So I like to solve problems. Usually by designing some sort of process.

I break down complicated things (like hard to follow diets and cooking methods) into its simplest steps. This reduces time, waste, and hassle.

So, how does this nerdy engineer stuff help you? Because I make simple guides that help you live a healthy lifestyle.

And when I say simple, I mean it.

Because simplicity is a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Is this course vegan / vegetarian / paleo / gluten-free friendly?

Absolutely! The Simple Soup Framework is flexible and suitable for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and most other diets. The recipes in the course can be easily modified to meet your diet if they’re not already. The framework itself is created so that you can make soup without a recipe using the ingredients that you choose.

How does the course get delivered?

When you purchase the course, you’ll immediately get access to the full course via an online learning platform. You’ll create an account with a username and password, so you can always access the course and pick up where you left off.

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! You’ll have lifetime access to the Simple Soup Framework course including any updates.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to easily cook soup – even on weekdays. Both beginner and expert home cooks will find a ton of value out of this course. You don’t need any prior cooking knowledge because there are exercises and videos to learn every step in the soup cooking process. There is even a simple exercise for learning how to add the correct amount of salt to your soup.

How long will the course take to complete?

You can complete the course at your own pace. We suggest first going through the first two modules that build your foundational knowledge and understanding of the framework. You can do this over a few hours or days. Then once you have the foundational knowledge, start working through the example recipes and exercises.

What if I don’t like the course?

First off, I think you will. But, if you don’t, then you’ll get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

creamy broccoli soup