Learn How to Oven Roast Every Vegetable So You Can Cook Veggies That You Actually Want to Eat

Roasted Veggie Mania

This eBook shows you everything you need to know to cook vegetables to crispy, browned perfection through oven roasting.

Learn to buy, store, prepare, cook, and transform the most common healthy vegetables in the simplest way possible so that you can add more to your diet – without hassle.

Master oven roasting – the easiest, most hands off cooking method so you can make vegetables that you actually want to eat even though you’re as busy as you are.

Want to Eat More Vegetables, But Not Sure Where to Start?

The only vegetables I ate growing up were out of a can or in a microwavable bag. Not to mention they were loaded with cheese or butter.

Sound familiar?

So, what changed from my bagged vegetable days? (other than turning into a busy adult with little to no free time)

I learned how to make vegetables crispy and browned through oven roasting. I mean, only some of the most mouth watering food is browned and crispy: fried chicken, french fries, bacon, etc.

Eating a piece of raw broccoli isn’t going to make you like broccoli. But, eating a piece of crispy, nutty, salty goodness will!

The best part?

Oven roasting is easy and perfect for a busy person like you. Life is already complicated, so cooking needs to be simple.

Oven roasting is the simplest and most effective way to cooking vegetables you consistently want to eat.

Crispy and brown vegetables like this:

Roasted veggies
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What Will You Learn From This Book?

How to buy and store the most common vegetables you’ll find at your grocery store.

How to transform simple roasted vegetables into satisfying dishes.

How to change the voice inside your head from “I can’t cook” to “I can cook”.

How to eat less prepared, takeout and packaged foods like bagged salads and canned veggies.

How to make delicious vegetables in a hands-off way, so you can take a shower or tackle other life chores while you “cook”.

How to never eat mushy, soft or steamed vegetables again. Crispy and brown veggies for life.

What’s Included:

How and why roasting works

How to buy and store fresh vegetables

Must have tools and ingredients

Important beginner and advanced tips for cooking the best roasted vegetables

10 recipes to transform roasted vegetables into a complete healthy dish

Step-by-step instructions for how to roast 11 of the most common vegetables

Roasting instructions chart for 40 common vegetables (BONUS)

Veggie roasting process checklist (BONUS)

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Roasted veggie mania pages

Your Veggie Transformation

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Hi! I’m Nick. The Guy Who Makes Complicated Things Simple

And I believe that everyone deserves to feel great every day.

Because feeling great is awesome for obvious reasons.

But, also because it helps you be a better, higher performing, and happier you.

My background is as an Engineer. So I like to solve problems. Usually by designing some sort of process.

I break down complicated things (like hard to follow diets and cooking methods) into its simplest steps. This reduces time, waste, and hassle.

So, how does this nerdy engineer stuff help you? Because I make simple guides that help you live a healthy lifestyle.

And when I say simple, I mean it.

Because simplicity is a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Is this book vegan / vegetarian / paleo / gluten-free friendly?

All roasted vegetable methods outlined are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free. Out of the 10 recipes, all of them are vegetarian. Most of them are also vegan, paleo, and gluten-free. All of them are 100% real and healthy food.

How does it get delivered?

Instantly! You’ll get it delivered right to your email inbox as soon as you complete the order process.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to eat more vegetables or learn how to properly cook them. Many of us grow up thinking that we don’t like vegetables. But, we’re simply not eating them prepared in a delicious way.

This book will change the mind of anyone who thinks they don’t like vegetables. Both beginner and expert home cooks will find value out of this book.

Roasted Broccoli Salad with Tahini Sauce Recipe
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