How to Plan Your Trip in 6 Steps (With Interactive Workbook)

6 Step Plan to Your Next Adventure

Like you, I get frustrated by the amount of time and effort required to plan a unique travel experience focused on food, wine, and hiking. Follow the 6 Step Travel Plan below so you can save time planning, bypass inflexible group trips, and travel your own way!


How to Plan Travel

Download Your Interactive Guide

Before you start completing these steps, download the Interactive Travel Planning Workbook by filling out the below form. This tool will guide you through the process. Additional directions are at the top of each sheet in the workbook.

Travel Planning Process Steps

1. Select A Destination

This may be the hardest part of planning a trip. Check out the below walktoeat blog post for ideas.

5 European Wine Regions That Are Great for Hiking

2. Develop a Budget

Define your travel style and calculate your target budget.

3. Create a Savings Plan

Already saved enough for your food, wine, and hiking trip? Great! If not, let’s develop a plan to meet your target budget by your departure date.

4. Build an Itinerary

Use the walktoeat Travel Blog and independent research to build your itinerary. Stay tuned for full walktoeat itinerary releases in the future.

5. Book Accommodations

Track your flight, hotels, transportation, etc. accommodations for worry-free travel.

6. Pack and Prepare

Make packing exciting! Use the checklists to guide your preparation activities so you can focus on daydreaming about your destination.

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