Vegan Black Bean Patties

Vegan black bean patties

Black Bean Patties That Will Satisfy Your Veg Burger Fix I eat a lot of beans. But, sometimes a bowl of nicely dressed beans just doesn’t cut it. And I need some crispy beans in my life. So, how do you make beans crispy? Mash them up and cook them again. These black bean patties …

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Vegan Black Bean and Tofu Tacos

Vegan refried black bean tacos

Vegan Black Bean Tacos That Will Make You Wish Every Day Was (Taco) Tuesday I know what you’re thinking… Vegan black bean tacos? Sounds unsatisfying. But, the key to a good taco isn’t meat. It’s balance. And these refried black beans tacos are balanced. Texture wise, you need something creamy and something crunchy. Taste wise, …

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