Beet Pickled Eggs

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Easy Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe for the Ultimate Make-Ahead App

It may look like it, but this isn’t a post on dying Easter eggs.

Although, these beet pickled eggs would get the job done. As long as you are okay with all purple eggs. They’ll taste better than regular hard-boiled eggs too.

Think about it…

Pickling eggs isn’t really something I do often. Hard and soft-boiled eggs are already so delicious, easy, and nutritious with a pinch of salt. But, beet pickled eggs have a special place in the “unique and conversation starting” recipe drawer.

These egg pickles are an easy make ahead appetizer or side dish. I’m sure whoever you are cooking for will be intrigued by them. They take on a beautiful pinkish-purple color from the beet juice.

Kids will especially love them. Just tell them that they are flamingo or Barney eggs.

These pickled eggs are just plain fun.

Health Benefits of Beet Pickled Eggs

According to Healthline, eggs are one of the most nutritious types of food on the planet.

Think about it, one egg contains all the nutrients that are needed for an embryo to grow into a chick. They lead to eating less, contain at least a little of most nutrients you need including healthy fats, and raise good cholesterol.

Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe

How Long Will These Beet Pickled Eggs Keep?

These pickled eggs will last 4-5 days, covered in the refrigerator. They will last longer than that, but the eggs will continue to pickle in the beet juice over time.

Storing Beet Pickled Eggs

Is there any other way to store pickles than in mason jars? They were practically invented for pickling. Ball (the manufacturer of mason jars) literally wrote the book on home canning and pickling.

This recipe fits perfectly in a 32 ounce jar like these ones.

Do I Have to Peel the Beets?

Yes, you should peel the beets. Beet skins are edible, but bitter.

I peel vegetables and potatoes as little as possible to avoid unnecessary effort, time, and waste. So, in many cases I’d recommend skipping the peeling this step. But for raw beets, go ahead and grab the vegetable peeler.

How Can I Avoid My Kitchen Looking Like a Piece of Pink Modern Art?

Beets are beautiful. But, their color does rub off on whatever they come in contact with. So your hands will get stained – don’t worry it washes off easily.

When working with beets, I like to use a separate small cutting board that can be easily cleaned and tossed in the dishwasher like this one.

That way, your kitchen and main cutting board won’t have streaks of purple.

How to Hard Boil Eggs

Hard boil eggs are a great make ahead snack or addition to a dish. These are definitely something you’ll want to know how to make. Make a note of step #5 below. This is the key to easy peeling.

Here’s the process:

  1. Bring a pot of water that covers the eggs by about 1 inch to a boil.

  2. Gently drop in the eggs. You don’t want them to crack so use a slotted spoon or something else you can use to ease the eggs in.

  3. Turn the heat down to a simmer. Simmer for 10 minutes.

  4. Before the timer goes off, prepare a bowl of ice water that can fit all the eggs.

  5. When the eggs are done, place each into the bowl of ice water. Let stand in water for a few minutes to cool down. This will make them easier to peel. If I have the time, I let them sit until they are completely cool.

  6. If using immediately, then peel. If not, then store in the refrigerator, covered and unpeeled. Unpeeled they last up to a week. They’ll only last about 2 days once peeled.


Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe

How To Buy Fresh Beets

Beets are generally available with their leafy tops on or off.

If their tops are still on, inspecting these will be your best bet. It means they were dug up within the past week or so. Look for greens that are perky with no shriveling.

If their tops are removed, look for beets with tight, firm skins. You should not be able to squish them at all.

What Type of Beets Should I Buy?

Buy red beets for this recipe so the eggs are dyed purple.

You may see a few different varieties of beets at your grocery store. Most likely you will see a red (or purple) variety and gold variety.

Red beets are the most common. They are versatile, earthy, keep well in the refrigerator, and are the most commonly used. They’ll also stain an entire dish pink, which is why we use them for this recipe.

Golden beets are also widely available. They are less sweet than red beets, but also less earthy. Golden beets make for an easier cleanup since they don’t stain everything like red beets do.

If you are shopping at the farmers market, then you may see even more than this.

Read more about the varieties of beets here on the SpruceEats.

What to Serve These Fancy Beet Pickled Eggs With

These eggs are perfect as an easy appetizer. Just slice in half, sprinkle with salt and lay out on a plate. Top with some chopped herbs if you’re feel extra fancy.

Here are some other serving ideas:

Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe

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Beet Pickled Eggs Recipe

Beet Pickled Eggs

Nick @ walktoeat
Easy beet pickled eggs recipe. Turn hard boiled eggs into fancy and colorful egg pickles. These are a perfect and fun make-ahead app.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Servings 6
Calories 98 kcal


  • 1.5 cups distilled white vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
  • 1 medium-large beet, peeled, cut into 1/4 thick slices (about 8 oz.)
  • 6 eggs


  • Bring a pot of water to a boil that covers the eggs by about 1 inch. Gently drop in the eggs with a slotted spoon careful not to crack. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Before the eggs are done fill a bowl large enough to fit all of the eggs with ice and water. When eggs are done, place the eggs into the bowl of ice water for a few minutes until cooled. Peel.
  • Bring vinegar, water, sugar, and salt to a boil in a medium pot stirring to dissolve the sugar and salt. Add beet and reduce heat. Simmer until the beet is fork tender, 25-30 minutes. Let cool.
  • Strain the beet mixture into a resealable glass jar. Add the peeled eggs and cover with lid.
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before serving. The eggs will keep 4-5 days covered in the refrigerator.


Storage: Brine and eggs fit in one 32 oz. mason jar.


Calories: 98kcalFat: 4.4g
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Ready to Get Pickling?

Eggs aren’t the first thing you may think of when you think of pickles. But, they make for an extra special and unique treat.

When I make a pickle brine I like to make extra because it is basically no extra effort to do so. So, right now I have 2 extra cups of dark purple beet pickle brine sitting in a mason jar in my refrigerator.

Hmm… what should I pickle? Maybe I’ll toss in some carrots and onions and see what happens.

Now that you have this recipe you’ll need some beets.

But, I know it’s not always easy to make it to the grocery store to buy fresh produce. So, I made this list of the best places to buy produce online.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get fresh produce delivered right to your doorstep with the click of a button.

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