14-Day Vegetarian Reboot

A two-week meal plan for busy people like you, so you can have more time, more energy, and gain freedom from prepared food and complicated diets

14 Day Vegetarian Reboot
  • A full 14-day plan that includes meals breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Step-by-step recipes for the meals in the plan. All recipes take less than 60 minutes to make and many take less than 30 minutes.
  • Itemized grocery checklists for each week of the plan, so you only need to go grocery shopping once per week
  • How to use a few healthy ingredients as the base of multiple meals throughout your week
  • Healthy snacking guide with a list of the best healthy snacks to eat
  • How to buy and store fresh vegetables, so you don’t need to make multiple weekly trips to the grocery store (BONUS)
  • How to cook and use dried beans interchangeably with canned beans (BONUS)
  • Important tips for saving time in the kitchen (BONUS)
  • Must have kitchen tools (BONUS)

You know how it goes… You have a long and stressful day at work getting hounded by your boss and/or customers. Then you finally release some of that stress by working out afterwards.

After that long day, you can’t imagine looking up a recipe, going to the grocery store, and cooking it. So you grab some food on the way home or pull something out of your freezer.

And you do that over and over again. Even though you want to eat healthier because you always feel exhausted.

But, where should you even start?

I know you’re busy and think it takes a ton of time to cook healthy.

But, you don’t need to follow a complicated diet that is difficult to keep up with to feel energized.

By following a few simple techniques (which doesn’t include meal prepping all weekend) and learning how to get the most out of your grocery store trips, you can cook for yourself. Without feeling overwhelmed.

This 14-Day Vegetarian Meal Plan helps busy people like you learn to quickly make healthy food so you can have more time, more energy, and gain freedom from takeout food and complicated diets.

Are You Ready to Take Ownership Of Your Food?

The reality is, we like things better when we own them. Our kids, pets, bed, home, etc. Nothing is better than our own. Our food is no different.

Making your own food will give you full ownership of your diet. Taking ownership of your food will allow you to:

Have more energy to reach your personal goals and perform better in work and life. Learn to make food fuel you, not deplete you.

Have more time by visiting the grocery store only once per week, cooking quickly, and using leftovers to your advantage.

Have more pride and confidence in your ability to provide for yourself. And you’ll taste that pride and confidence in every bite you take of your own home cooked food.

Gain independence from store-bought and takeout food. And feel empowered by your ability to cook your own meals.

Have more money by only buying the items that you need each week from the grocery store and reducing pricey takeout or restaurant visits. Plus, you will waste less food.

Reduce waste by only buying the items that you need each week from the grocery store each week. No more tossing out old produce or ingredients you only used for single recipe.

Chickpea and kale meal

I Get It, Cooking Can Be Hard, But…

I was in your shoes… When I first started working, I traveled for my job every week. I finally realized that I felt like garbage (mentally and physically). So, I switched jobs.

All of a sudden my company was no longer paying for my food during the week while I was on the road. So, I quickly had to figure out how to provide for myself, make my own food, and, most importantly, how to feel healthy again.

But, I love food and healthy food doesn’t taste good (I thought). Also, I was super busy with my new job. 

The only vegetables I ate growing up were either frozen or out of a can. So, I didn’t have much experience to lean on.

Plus, I like to have energy, so I can be active. So, wasn’t trying to starve myself.

Taking those into consideration, let me rephrase: I had to learn to cook healthy food that was simple to make, filling, and tastes delicious.

I tried meal prepping (cooking all of your meals for the week at once) and I hated it. It turned cooking into such a chore. And I dreaded spending hours cooking and portioning all of my meals for the week during my precious Sundays.

So, over time, I came up with an effective method that worked for a busy lifestyle. It’s called the Base Batching Method.

With this method, I was able to cook once and eat multiple times, gain confidence in the kitchen, eliminate the stress of having to cook, and save time.

Quinoa tabbouleh recipe
Vegan refried black bean tacos
Overnight oats

So, How Can I Start Eating Healthier?

The first step in overcoming an obstacle is always the hardest. But, this 14 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan is your guide to being your own personal chef. Without the hassle.

This is a full 14-day meal plan. It is 48 pages of everything you need to make and enjoy 14 days of healthy, delicious food including:

But Wait, Meal Plans Are So Hard To Follow

I agree, a lot of meal plans make you cook every meal every day. Unless you’re a pro chef or have super powers, that is a bit much for a busy person like you.

With this meal plan, you do NOT:

  • Cook more than once each weekday
  • Go grocery shopping multiple times per week
  • Spend hours of your precious weekend meal prepping
  • Use a bunch of uncommon ingredients that you’ll never use again
  • Spend more than 60 minutes cooking any meal (many are under 30 minutes)

Save Time and Hassle By Cooking Base Ingredients in Batches

The Base Batching Method is your key to success. You will cook a batch (e.g., enough for multiple meals) of your base ingredient (think healthy grains, beans, starchy veggies). You’ll use 1/2 of the batch for your dinner (which is also lunch the next day) and store the other 1/2 for dinner+lunch another day later in the week.

The result: No meal prepping marathons and meals that come together super quick.

Batching Base Method

Sounds Cool, But I’m Not Vegetarian

I have a secret to tell you: I’m not a vegetarian either!

But, I feel my best when my diet is heavy in vegetables. And the reality is, vegetables are the healthiest type of food you can eat.

So, I want to show you that you can cook in a plant-based way and make food that tastes delicious. I hear all the time that “I want to eat more vegetables, but I don’t know how to make them taste good” or “I don’t like vegetables”.

I said those things at one point too. But, now I know that vegetables can taste amazingly satisfying.

So, think of this as a vegetarian reset for those non-vegetarians out there.

14 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this meal plan vegan / vegetarian / paleo / gluten-free friendly?

This meal plan is vegetarian and made up of 100% real and healthy food. The recipes are primarily made up of healthy seeds, grains, legumes, and vegetables. It also has some dairy (milk and yogurt can be substituted for non-dairy versions) and eggs.

This meal plan isn’t vegan, but substitutions and omissions can easily be made to make it so. Depending on the type of Paleo diet you follow, it most likely will not meet your requirements. All recipes are gluten-free, but how they are served may need to be modified (example: wraps or tacos) to be entirely gluten-free.

How does it get delivered?

Instantly! You’ll get the meal plan delivered electronically right to your email inbox as soon as you complete the order process.

Is This A “Meal Prepping” Plan?

No, this meal plan is not a meal prepping meal plan.

By meal prepping, I mean spending hours on the weekend making all of your food for the week. Then portioning out meals and storing them.

Honestly, I hate meal prepping. I think it takes so much of the fun, creativity, and freshness out of cooking. And it turns cooking into a chore. I dreaded those hours on Sunday that I had to spend meal prepping when I did it.

The Base Batching Method is what you’re using here. You’ll make extra of base ingredients and set some aside for later in the week. It’s like meal prepping, without actually meal prepping (since you’re cooking the food already anyway). You

Who’s it for?

So, pretty much anyone. Even your meat loving partner or best friend. And even if you think you’re too busy to healthy cook. In fact, that is exactly who it’s for.

Many of us grow up thinking that we don’t like vegetables. But, we’re simply not eating them prepared in a delicious way. This meal plan will change the mind of anyone who thinks they don’t like vegetables. Both beginner and expert home cooks will find value out of this meal plan.

What meals are included?

Recipes are included for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then snack suggestions are included in the daily meal plans.

There are a lot of meal plans out there that are just dinner. To me, that’s not a meal plan. That’s a cookbook. Unless you only eat one meal per day.

This meal plan includes every meal for 14 days.

How many people does this meal plan serve?

The recipes and grocery list in this meal plan is for 2 people. However, it can easily be scaled to fit any amount of people. The grocery and recipe ingredient amounts just need to be multiplied or divided by the number of people you intend to serve.

What if I don’t like the food in the meal plan?

If you’re not satisfied with the food in the meal plan or don’t like it, don’t worry, we have your back. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hi! I’m Nick. The Guy Who Makes Complicated Things Simple

And I believe that everyone deserves to feel great every day.

Because feeling great is awesome for obvious reasons. But, also because it helps you be a better, higher performing, and happier you.

My background is as an Engineer. So I live to solve problems. Usually by designing some sort of process. I break down complicated things (like hard to follow diets) into its simplest steps. This reduces time, waste, and inefficiencies.

So, how does this nerdy engineer stuff help you? Because I make simple guides that help you live a healthy lifestyle.

And when I say simple, I mean it. Because simplicity is a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

But, it all comes back to you. Because after I give you a plan, the rest is just you crushing it (with support from me, of course).


You Want to Eat Healthier, But You’re Not Sure Where to Start

Well, right here! With this meal plan you’ll get:

14 Day Meal Schedule and Guide
Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
Weekly Grocery Lists
Healthy Snacking Guide
Guide to Batching Ingredients
How to Buy and Store Fresh Produce (BONUS)
Important Cooking Tips (BONUS)
Must-Have Kitchen Tools (BONUS)
How to Cook and Use Dried Beans Guide (BONUS)